Extremely high Output Dual 18 inch Horn Loaded Subwoofer


• High efficiency and High output design.

• Outstanding power to size ratio

• Dual Vented horn subwoofer system with long throw


• Dual 18 inch very-high excursion, high power

Eighteen Sound bass drivers

• Frequency range 30Hz-180Hz

• 4 ohm nominal impedance

• Enclosure is stackable in both Horizontal and vertical



• Live Sound (Medium to Large scale sound reinforcement)

• Auditorium

• Houses of Worship

• Club sound

• Concert Halls

• Stadiums

Technical Specifications


The LF7 is a high performance dual 18 inch twin horn subwoofer that incorporates the advantages of the very successful LF1 swoofer into a compact yet powerful subwoofer that delivers twice the volume.


A derivative of the LF1, the LF7 design utilizes the unique double Sub-horn cabinet construction with two Eighteen Sound woofers to ensure chest-kicking low frequency, extremely long term power handling and reliability in all applications. This design behaves like a horn over much of its range, but without the time delay and weight problems usually associated with conventional designs. Vented-box

advantages take over for the lowest octave and assist in producing exceptionally high levels of clean, punchy bass from a modest-sized box.


The reverse woofer orientation has been used to optimize the rear chamber volume and decrease the horn flare rate for extended low-end performance. When used with the MH5 or MH7 mid-high speaker, the LF7 provides high output sound reinforcement for clubs, large halls, or outdoor events in a compact package which can be moved easily by a two-person crew. Although the LF7 was designed for use with the MH3, MH5 and MH7 systems, it may be used to add to the bass performance Lloyd Lee Co. Edge and Elite speaker system also.


The LF7 rectangular cabinet can be easily ground stack in multiples for increased low frequency directivity and level. When two speaker systems are placed side by side, the woofer cones mutually couple, causing the two systems to act as one system with twice the effective cone area at very

low frequencies, giving an additional 3dB increase in maximum acoustic output.