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Networkable Digital Power Amplifiers




– High output power and high efficiency
– Advanced high frequency switching technology
– Small size, low weight, ideal for touring applications
– Networkable amplifier over standard Ethernet
– AMPControl software and JAVA based control
– All functions can be accessible by remote
– Graphics LCD for easy setup and diagnostics
– Two JOG button for fast navigating
– Digital volume and input sensitivity control
– Built-in programmable limiter
– Output Peak and average Voltage,Current measuring
– Displays actual load impedance
– Embedded webserver for set&view parameters by a web browser
– Five user profiles
– Intelligent protective functions
– High frequency resonanat power supply with active PFC function
– Wide mains voltage operation range



XE Series professional amplifiers are designed for portable and fixed installations. Five models are available: XE2500, XE4000, XE5002, XE6000 and XE10000. All type have graphics LCD display and two JOGs for tuning system parameters. The devices have internal webserver for full remote control over standard ETHERNET. There are two possible ways to use the remote control functions: with normal internet browser (JAVA based), and with PKNC control software.



4 Ohms 8 Ohms
XE 2500 2 x 1300 W 2 x 700 W
XE 4000 2 x 2100 W 2 x 1300 W
XE 5002 2x 1800 W 2 x 980W
XE 6000 2 x 3650 W 2 x 1900 W
XE 10000 2x 5000W 2x 2600W


Technical Specification

Parameter XE2500 XE4000 XE5002 XE6000 XE10000 New!
Power requirements 160V – 270VAC, (50-60Hz)
Max. Power Consumption 2600W 5500W 5650W 7900W 8000W
Soft starting yes
Power Supply High frequency resonant includes active PFC
Mains connection Neutrik Powercon
Working temperature range 0 – 40C
Storage temperature range -25C – 60C
Output power @ 16 Ohms 2 x 320W 2 x 680W 2 x 490W 2 x 1000W 2x 1300W
Output power @ 8 Ohms 2 x 700W 2 x 1300W 2 x 980W 2 x 1900W 2x 2600W
Output power @ 4 Ohms 2 x 1300W 2 x 2100W 2 x 1800W 2 x 3650W 2x 5000W
Output power @ 2,6 Ohms 2 x 1900W 2 x 2000W 2 x 2600W 2 x 3000W 2x 3200W
Output power @ 2 Ohms 2 x 1500W 2 x 1800W 2 x 3200W 2 x 2200W 2x 2900W
Minimum load impedance 2 Ohms
Frequency (+/- 3dB, 8 Ohms) 5 Hz – 22 kHz
Slew rate 50V / us 60V / us 62V /us
Damping factor >400 >500 >550 >600 >700
End Stages High Frequency semi soft switched PWM in balanced configuration
Output connections Four pole Neutrik SPEAKON (1+2+ in parallel, 1-2- in parallel
Signal to Noise ratio A-Weighted 20Hz – 20kHz 100 dB 102 dB 101dB 107 dB 105dB
Nominal sensitivity for maximum output level (balanced) 1.4V (rms) 1.7V (rms) 1.5V (rms) 1.7V (rms) 1.9V (rms)
Input Impedance (Refered to ground) 10 KOhms + 10 KOhms (+/- 1%)
Input terminals Neutrik XLR
Built in Limiter Programmable limiter ( 1V / Step )
Output level meter LEDbar, status LEDs (AGR, Short, Temp, Protect, Ready)
Display Graphics LCD
Control terminals JOGS, buttons
Volume control Set by control JOG wheels or remote -95,5dB – 0dB (in 0,5 dB steps)
Input sensitivity -95,5db – 0dB (steps 0,5 dB)
Limiter settings range 10 – 100V 10 – 155V 10 – 126V 10 – 170V 10 – 200V
User profiles 5 user profile
Protections Short circuit, Overload,Low impedance,Thermal, DC fault
Cooling Forced air cooling with regulated DC fans
Direction of air flow Front to rear
Remote control 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Weight 8 Kgs 9 Kgs 9.1Kgs 9,5 Kgs 9,6Kgs
External dimensions 19″ rack 483 x 440 x 44mm (1RU)




XE 2500 XE-4000 XE-6000
POWER @16 ohms 2x320W 2x680W 2x1000W
POWER @8 ohms 2x650W 2x1400W 2x1900W
POWER @4  ohms 2x1250W 2x2100W 2x3650W
POWER @2.6 ohms 2x1900W 2x2000W 2x3000W
POWER @2 ohms 2x1500W 2x1800W* 2x2200W
Out Peak Voltage per Channel 105V 160 V 185V
Out Peak Current per Channel 41A 43A 50A
Total Peak Output Power 3800 W 4200W 7300W
BRIDGE@8 Ohm No Bridge No Bridge No Bridge
Avg.Current Draw

(Normal Music ,0dB)

5A 10A 15A
Max.Current Draw(AC 230V) 16A(3680W) 25A(5750W) 36A(8280W)
Max.Current Draw(3 x400V)
Line Power Requirements


160-270VAC 160-270VAC 160-270VAC