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Networkable Power Amplifiers




• Worldwide highest output power level and greatest extra headroom
• Three or Single* phase very wide range of AC line operation with APFC
• Easy interfacing to the 3X 400V** distribution without Neutral connection
• Reduced current draw and line cabling cost, saves lots of copper
• No more line•to•line balance problems, moreover the amp helps to keep
the best symmetry betweenphase conductors in 3 Phase operation mode
• Fault•tolerant to power line anomalies, still operational with 2 phases
• Network control over standard ETHERNET, Open Source drivers
• Optional DSP module with 24bit/192KHz HiDefinition sample rate
• Full soft switching implemented with very high power conversion efficiency
• Supercompact size and small weight in rugged 1RU steel case
• Easily readable large format display and accurate output level metering





• Live Sound (Small to Large scale sound reinforcement)
• Auditorium
• Club sound
• Portable Dj systems
• Installations

Technical Specification

Parameter PKN 3PHASE-40K PKN 3PHASE-20K
Channel number 4 input/ 4 output 2 input/ 2 output
Output Power 8 Ohms 4 x 4000W 2 x 4000W
Output Power 4 Ohms 4 x 7500W 2 x 7500W
Output Power 2.6 Ohms 4 x 10000W 2 x 10000W
Bridged Output Power 8 Ohms 2 x 8000W 1 x 8000W
Bridged Output Power 4 Ohms 2 x 15000W 1 x 15000W
Bridged Output Power 2.6 Ohms 2 x 20000W 1 x 20000W
Peak Output Voltage per Channel 256V (181Vrms)
Peak Output Current per Channel 130A
Power Supply Dual, Two independent High Frequency Resonant Switching with active Power Factor Correction
Typical Power Factor >0.92 above 2000W
AC Power input in Three Phase mode 3x 400V (25A**) no Neutral connection needed
AC Power input in Single Phase mode 230V (63A**)
Operational AC Voltage range in Three Phase mode 3X 208V- 3X480V 45…65Hz Still operational in case of single phase loss
Operational AC Voltage range in Single Phase mode 90V- 275V** 45…65Hz 400Vac proof in single-phase mode
Maximum AC line current draw in Three Phase mode 3X 32A (Separated AC Power limiter for AB and CD Channels) 3 x 16A
Maximum AC line current draw in Single Phase mode 80A 40A
Inrush current limiting Yes, very soft turn-on
Minimum Operational AC input 65V (Single Phase mode)
AC Overvoltage Proof 1.5 KV in Three Phase mode, 0.75 KV in Single Phase mode
Signal to Noise ratio (with “A-weighed” filter) 112dB
Frequency response (+/- 0,05dB) 20Hz – 30KHz
Frequency response (+/- 3dB 5Hz – 60Khz (High Frequency filter off)
Damping factor (20-100Hz, 8R****) >12000
Damping factor (1KHz, 8R****) >6500
THD + IMD (20Hz – 20kHz full power) 0.15% max (typical <0.05%)
Output Slew Rate 100V/us (Input and HF filters bypassed)
Crosstalk (A <-> B), (C <-> D) >75dB
Crosstalk (AB <-> CD) >106dB
Output protections CCM (0 Ohm STABLE), Overload, Short circuit, HF, unmatched loads, DC fault, lost connection, Programmable limiters
Input sensitivity (analog inputs) 0.775Vrms or 2Vrms (configurable from the menu)
Input impedance 10K+10K, Balanced
Output connectors 4X NEUTRIK NLT4M* 2X NEUTRIK NLT4M*
Input connectors 4X NEUTRIK XLR 2X NEUTRIK XLR
Networking Standard Ethernet
Built-in DSP Optional
Size 1RU, 455mm depth 1RU, 285mm depth
Limiter Output Voltage (1V/step), Sustained Output Power Limiter (10W/step)
Latency from the analog inputs 1 ms
Weight 13,7 Kgs 8 Kgs
Operational temperature range 0C – +45C
Built-in DSP Optional
Cooling Forced air cooling with hidden high-performance FANS , Front to rear airflow




POWER @16 ohms 2x2000W 4x2000W
POWER @8 ohms 2x4000W 4x4000W
POWER @4  ohms 2x7500W 4x7500W
POWER @2.6 ohms 2x10000W 4x10000W
POWER @2 ohms 2x9000W* 4x9000W*
Out Peak Voltage per Channel 256 V 256 V
Out Peak Current per Channel 130A 130A
Total Peak Output Power 20000 W 40000W
BRIDGE@16 Ohm 8000W 2 x 8000W
BRIDGE@8 Ohm 15000W 2 x 15000W
BRIDGE@4 Ohm 20000w 2 x 20000W
Avg.Current Draw

(Normal Music ,0dB)

3x7A /32 A 3 x14 A/64 A
Max.Current Draw(AC 230V) 48A(12KW) 96A(22KW)
Max.Current Draw(3 x400V) 3x16A 3x32A
Line Power Requirements


90-480VAC*** 90-480VAC***