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Lloyd Lee Co. introduces two new U series amplifier models, with power output from 3400w to 7000 watts per channel, including a four – channel version. Irrespective of system size or music type, speaker systems will be drive to its best performance by the new U Series amplifiers.



U series uses state of the art voltage regulation technology to can get more dynamic power. Whether it is Touring or fixed installation, U series amplifier suits the most demanding applications due to small size, low weight, high efficiency, high power and high reliability.
In further to improve the reliability of the work of the machine, U series amplifier are fitted with NEUTRIK, the whole series using original Motorola semi-conductors.

The U series is equipped with state of the art protection system, which includes power soft start, DC overload, short circuit, overheating, ultra-high frequency, clipping and in particular no relay output protection that has a rapid response which no relay can match. U series amplifier can deliver sound without interruption at even high ambient temperature situations.


Excellent heat dissipation system, U series amplifier are designed with high efficiency short-range duct double Copper ribbon heat sink, to ensure excellent heat dissipation and unmatched performance as compared to aluminium heat sinks.

The input stage of all U series amplifiers has a high sensitivity to provide ample system headroom. This in effect means that the input stage is almost impossible to clip. Built in adjustable Voltage Peak Limiter (VPL) sets the maximum output voltage and therefore also the maximum output power. The sophisticated output section monitors faults and generates appropriate warnings, which are displayed on the amplifier front panel These alerts allow the operator to adjust system settings and thereby avoid failures.


  • State of the art technology provides exceptional reliability when working with up to 2 ohm impedance
  • Excellent handling of low frequencies as well as clear mid and highs
  • high efficiency short-range duct double Copper ribbon heat sink
  • Optimized power supplies, filter and heat sinks for better low end, transparency and stability
  • Comprehensive protection circuitry (short, overheat, Dc, subsonic and RF filters turn-on delay) with high current speakers protection relays.
  • Flexible input configuration with active balanced inputs, additional input connectors to chain amps
  • True clip LEDs for better control
  • Front-to-Rear airflow with 2speed fan control
  • Efficient heat sink design for thermal stability and reliability
  • Turn-on in-rush current limiting circuitry
  • Steel reinforced chassis construction for durability and longevity.


  • Live Sound (Small to Large scale sound reinforcement)
  • Auditorium
  • Club sound
  • Portable Dj systems
  • Installations

Technical Specification

Model U12000Q
Output Power 1KHz,<0.05%THD  
8 Q Stereo Power 4x1500W
4 Q Stereo Power 4x2550W
2 Q Stereo Power 4x3400W
8 Q Bridged Monon Power 2x4500W
4 Q Bridged Monon Power 2x6800W
THD(20Hz-20kHz for 1W) <0.1%
THD(1kHz and 1dB below clipping) <0.05%
DSP Processor NA
Gain (optional) 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44dB
Signal Noise Ration 110dB
Frequency Response(+/-0.1dB) 10Hz-34kHz
Damping coefficient >600
lmpedance(balanced/unbalanced) 20KQ/10KQ
Output socket Speakon Connectors(NEUTRIK)
Input socket Combo XLR type,3pin(NEUTRIK)
Link socket XLR type,3pin male(NEUTRIK)
Protection Short circuit, open circuit, thermal, overload, DC, super audio protection
Power Requirement 200-240V 〜50-60HZ
Size(W x H x D) 483x445x88mm
Weight(net) 17Kg